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"Funmunki was so easy to work with. I will be working with them to fund the systems of my other locations. Funmunki was a solid fit for future business together." - Chris Clark - Barrelhouse South

"The experience of working with Funmunki was very good. I chose to work with Funmunki because I was able to obtain the POS system for my business without increasing my operating cost." - Justin Boente - 3rd Base

I wanted to thank you guys for helping us exceed our sales goals for the first half of 2015! We are impressed with the professionalism and service you have provided. In the brief 12 months as business partners, you’ve help us close several profitable deals. A former mentor of mine said “It’s easy to sell a million dollars’ worth of stuff for a million dollars, it’s hard to make it profitable!” These were top of the line POS systems, featuring powerful wireless solutions. Some customers even lowered their processing fees!

We greatly appreciate the easy signup process and limited ‘red tape’. I’ve been a Digital Dining reseller for over 15 years and hate to think about the lost deals because the customer couldn’t get financing/lease approval. Your product allows us to offer ‘no upfront cost’ options that customers can’t ignore!

Just the business name alone, FunMunki catches people off guard and they remember it! Menusoft (Digital Dining) used to have a mouse on their marketing material and as much as people thought it was ‘weird’, they all remember it.

We look forward to many more years of continued success with FunMunki!

Thank you again,

Glenn Paciaroni
B&C Hospitality Systems

Like most everyone else I run into, I was skeptical about the FunMunki program from the beginning.  It wasn't until I was introduced to Michael Ferguson in person at our annual Digital Dining dealer conference that I came to understand the true value of this program.  What really sold me though was that I discovered Michael is an honest and straight up guy.


During my 18 years in the POS industry I have seen many horror stories surrounding and involving credit card processors.  On the surface, it appeared to me that Funmunki was yet another company deserving of my skepticism.  After meeting Michael I learned that he is more concerned with protecting the customer's best interest and preserving their relationship with our company than he is with getting business for his company.  Simply put, if the deal does not make sense economically for the customer then he would rather not present it to them, period.


Funmunki isn't for everyone.  For the right situation though, it can be the key factor for turning failure into success and creating an economic win for the customer, the dealer and of course FunMunki.


We are very pleased to have Michael Ferguson and FunMunki as a partner in this increasingly changing and competitive industry.  And, the residuals are sweet!




John Gerig


Service Integrated Systems, Inc.

West Coast Business Equipment has been in the POS business for over 20 years and we have used many finance companies to sell our products and services to our customers. Many of these financial institutions have made a lot of money financing our POS systems while we were making the sale, we were not reaping the rewards of the financial transaction. That has all changed now that we have partnered with Fun Munki.


We can now give our customers a POS system, provide them with competitive merchant processing fees and reap the rewards. If you are looking to boost your POS sales and you want the results to be almost immediate then I highly recommend the FunMunki program.



Geof S. Kine

FunMunki recently paid our entire POS system off!  I cannot say how pleased I was to be keeping that much needed operating cash in our pockets instead of sending it out the door in payments on the POS system.


FunMunki’s staff worked quickly and professionally. They lived up to their name: FunMunki!  Thanks so much. You will be the first company we call when setting up a new location.

Adam Kariotoglou




We have been working with Funmunki with some great results. The first deal that we closed
with him, the customer saved $300.00 per month and received a $20,000.00 system with no upfront cost. We are also making nice residuals already. The second deal we closed was even better! The customer received a $25,000.00 system and saved $500.00 per month.


Funmunki has been very professional in all of our dealings and help us close more deals. I would recommend this service to any other Digital Dining Dealer. Feel free to call me with any other questions.


Scott Lamb
Pinnacle Technologies
Cell 801-380-6124




Funmunki has allowed me to close deals that I would have never closed before.  It totally takes the "I can't afford the POS" objective off the table. It also allowed me to give the client a superior POS system than what they would get from other dealer with inferior POS systems and service.

Lastly, we make more money with Funmunki since there is no need to give deep discounts and the credit card residuals are much better.
Best regards,

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